With Hemp, It Is Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day is a chance to renew our commitment to loving the Earth.

Earth’s health is at the heart of our company because it is the center of our existence. Our strength as a company is the value we place in truth and inclusive progress. We stand firmly by our values: a passion for education, increased sustainability of life, and respect for community and the planet.

Utilizing hemp is one of the best ways to combat climate change. Hemp products are derived from clean green energy. Hemp avoids metric tons of carbon emissions, and the biodegradability delivers sustainable growth.

Did you know, trees are made up of only 30% cellulose, requiring the use of toxic chemicals to remove the other 70%. Hemp, on the other hand, can have up to 85% cellulose content. Furthermore, 1 acre of Hemp can produce as much paper as 4-10 acres of trees over a 20 year cycle. Wider use of hemp paper can help sustainability efforts to reduce deforestation.

On the other hand, modern society needs hemp plastic to help the transition to become eco-friendlier. In 2017, 300 million tons of plastic was commissioned by manufacturers worldwide. Hemp plastic can do anything that conventional plastic can do. If it’s currently made with petroleum-based plastic, it can likely be replaced with hemp plastic. Recent technology has opened the door to a new breed of eco-friendly hemp plastic polymer. In the future, a renewable, sustainable, in some cases compostable, alternative to raw petroleum-based polymers to preserve our future world will be reduced to a design decision.

Currently, we see alarming single-use plastic consumption in the cannabis industry. To put it more into perspective, as of 2018 there were 520 dispensaries in Colorado alone, and if each of those dispensaries distributed 30 petroleum plastic containers to consumers every day, that makes for 5,694,000 plastic containers heading to the landfill in just ONE state, in just ONE year.

Gateway Hemporium is featuring an Earth friendly Cannasseur Kit, filled with an assortment of eco-friendly products specifically for conscious cannabis enthusiasts. Our kits are filled with hemp plastic grinders, hemp plastic rolling trays, hemp plastic rolling machines, hemp papers and tips, and tamperproof 100% custom-made biodegradable hemp plastic pill bottles. (Shop:

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