Attending missouri’s first cannabis business convention

Gaining key insights about our home market and making connections with first movers

Today we attended Missouri’s first ever cannabis business convention.

First off, there is much more breathing room here in the Missouri market. We get the feeling cannabis participants are still just beginners in a larger ideological framework.

Missouri is state #31 to vote for medical marijuana. We are encountering some of the troubles other states are dealing with. One of the biggest hurdles this industry faces is the limited ability to ship product across state lines. Ultimately, we need to build our businesses to operate like there are no trade barriers between us and anyone else in the world.

One day cannabis will be easily shared across state lines. Data about where the plant was grown will be shared with the free market. Only the most reputable producers will earn high ratings. This creates a customer centric environment where the highest quality products will profit. There are a ton of promising cannabis companies across the United States right now. The Missouri market has incredible untapped potential in the cannabis industry. We have been fortunate to diligently learn from some of the earliest industry pioneers and bring these practices back home. We believe in 10 years Missouri will operate as a cannabis logistics hub with far reaching abilities. We are continuously working towards servicing supply chains for these unbelievable people and products to gain global market share. We are excited to go to work in this industry because there is a lot more that needs to be done.